Developing Writing Skills in Spanish

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Developing Writing Skills in Spanish proporciona a los estudiantes de español las habilidades necesarias para desarrollar y mejorar la expresión escrita de manera progresiva.

Con la idea de que escribir es todo un arte, Developing Writing Skills in Spanish ofrece una completa selección de materiales auténticos que, entre otros géneros textuales, incluyen textos narrativos, expositivos, de opinión y periodísticos.

Cada capítulo está dedicado a un tipo específico de texto escrito y está diseñado para que el alumno vaya asimilando los contenidos de manera paulatina. A través de una serie de actividades guiadas, en el libro se explica cómo conseguir la coherencia y la cohesión en un texto para poder expresarse con claridad.

Características principales:

Diseñado como un libro de texto, material de referencia o herramienta de autoaprendizaje, Developing Writing Skills in Spanish es el recurso ideal para estudiantes de español que deseen progresar en el aprendizaje de la expresión escrita.

Developing Writing Skills in Spanish is an extremely versatile book based on pedagogically sound principles. It introduces readers to a rich variety of registers, which combined with examples from contemporary sources, literary as well as non-literary, from Spain and Spanish America, help the learner to develop a feel for style and register variation. In addition, its user-friendly, carefully organized activities provide plenty of opportunity for practice and review of vocabulary, syntactic structures, and idiomatic usage. Its flexible structure makes it eminently adaptable to a variety of courses, enabling instructors to either proceed from one chapter to the next or to pick and choose according to the needs of courses for specific purposes. Finally, the availability of answers to the exercises makes the book eminently useable for independent study.Milton Azevedo, University of California, Berkeley, USA

I enjoyed this very much. This is a really substantial examination of writing in Spanish, sensibly broken down to help the reasonably advanced learner. It should help those with a good knowledge of Spanish to improve their writing skills considerably. What I like about it most is the variety and quality of the authentic examples of writing, often penned by very good authors. Each area is dealt with in detail and through imaginative and engaging exercises. There's a wealth of detail much of which will be useful for reference purposes as well as for Spanish language learning courses.Jonathan Thacker, Merton College, University of Oxford, UK

This textbook is most welcome, for it supports our department's goal of having student majors achieve advanced to superior writing proficiency in Spanish. The authors have identified and provided the kind of instruction and support students need at the advanced level to cultivate their rhetorical sense while continuing to develop their vocabulary, as well as their understanding of the subtleties of aspect, mode and syntax in Spanish. Engaging and carefully crafted learning activities help students use their critical reading skills to improve their writing skills. Students will find the exercises fostering the acquisition of an advanced critical lexicon and specific rhetorical strategies to be most valuable. Professors will appreciate the emphasis on planning, revising, and proofreading one's essay, as well as the nuts and bolts advice on the use of the dictionary, punctuation, accentuation and orthography in Spanish. ¬°Gracias y enhorabuena! Alice J. Poust, Bucknell University, USA